We love making games. We also love to work with awesome people. This is the foundation of Fall Damage.


Apr 19, 2017: Swedish gaming pioneers unveil new studio Fall Damage. Download press release

Apr 25, 2017: Fall Damage featured in DI Weekend. Read article (swedish)


Our vision for Fall Damage is to create great games. We do not lock ourselves to a specific genre or platform. Together we decide what the next game will be and together we build it. Our games will be beautiful and entertaining to the player.

We also believe in building a game studio with individuals that have a great attitude towards colleagues and work.

In short, be awesome!


Do you have a desire to create something truly spectacular? Do you want to be in on a fantastic journey? Send a mail to jobs@falldamagestudio.com. We are interested in people with diverse backgrounds and skills. Current open positions:


We are looking for a spectacular 3D artist who enjoys the whole process from an idea to a finished product. You should have experience in primarily Maya, Substance and Photoshop but if you have tinkered with Zbrush it would definitely be a plus. We are developing our game in Unity -- yes, we know you'd rather do things in Unreal since you are an artist, but as you probably love challenges it won't be a problem.

Teamplay matters a lot to us. Being part of a smaller team, sharing your thoughts and ideas, even beyond your expertise, should be your thing. We know that there already is a weapon, a knife and a box in your portfolio - we'd love to see something more than that!


Perhaps you don't fit the above description, but still think that Fall Damage is a place where your game making skills will be put to good use? Send your resume and tell us what drives you, and we will get back to you.


We are looking for M.Sc students who would like to do thesis projects in the areas of game AI, human behavior modeling and machine learning. Start from real game data, and either do separate research, or integrate your results back into the game!

Thesis proposal: Developing a self-learning AI for a turn-based strategy game
Thesis proposal: Developing an engaging AI for a turn-based strategy game

Anders Gyllenberg

Anders has been fortunate to be able to combine the passion for game design and leading teams during the last fourteen years. The experience of leading Battlefield teams, large and small, has been both fun and challenging. Anders also enjoys hanging out in international airports.

Christopher Stenström
Game Designer

Christopher likes to think about every possible outcome of a gameplay experience. He is a big fan of Math, in particular probability theory, and has had the joy of working primarily with the Player vs Player experience in games. In his spare time he enjoys over-analyzing anime.

Dan Vaderlind

Dan has been driving projects and building teams for the last 10 years. Everyday attitude and communication is key. Dan is a firm believer that a game only gets as good as the team behind it. He tinkers with home automation in his spare time.

Johan Sällström
3D Artist

Johan likes to create 3D art with a heavy focus on hard surface modelling and drinking a lot of coffee while doing it. When he's not working he likes to watch e-sports and play competitive games with his friends.

Jonna Henriksson
3D Animator Intern

Jonna is a 2D animator turned 3D, completing her last year at Playground Squad. She thrives when taking on high-risk, high-reward challenges. While living the urban life now, she is most at home in the deep forests of Värmland.

Ludvig Grönborg
UI Programmer

Ludvig is a health coach turned software engineer. He specializes in all things interactive.

Markus Nyström
Creative Director

Markus has 25 years in the gaming industry and was one of the original four DICE founders. From the point where "Pinball Dreams" was cutting edge in -92 he has worked on a massive amount of games.

Mikael Kalms

Mikael enjoys building things, large and small. He has been making racing games, Battlefield titles, and run online services at EA DICE since the late 90s. Also: he makes a mean cheesecake.

Oskar Karlsson
VFX Artist

Oskar is a technical artist making particle effects and shaders. In his spare time he enjoys reading books, playing RPGs and keeping Johan alive in Dota 2.

Rami Sleiman
Game Programmer

Rami has worked on games across many genres and platforms, and loves coding gameplay. He is one of the very rare Swedish Rugby players.

Toli Andersröd
Technical Animator

Toli has worked with technical animation at some of Sweden's largest games companies, her first released title being Battlefield 1. She also likes reading, mainly classic horror and weird conspiracy theories.

Viljam Fändriks
3D Artist Intern

Viljam is a 3D generalist, completing his last year at Playground Squad. He is into everything 3D art related that involves problem solving -- modeling, texturing, rigging, visual design, you name it. Specializes in TV series and beer as well.

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