We love making games. We also love to work with awesome people. This is the foundation of Fall Damage.


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Our vision for Fall Damage is to create great games. We do not lock ourselves to a specific genre or platform. Together we decide what the next game will be and together we build it. Our games will be beautiful and entertaining to the player.

We also believe in building a game studio with individuals that have a great attitude towards colleagues and work.

In short, be awesome!


Fall Damage is once again expanding! We are looking for an experienced Level Designer. You are probably a person who loves to create and improve game levels for a first person shooter setting. You have been doing this for a few years already and are now looking for a new exciting challenge.


  • Participate in the gameplay conception for the levels;
  • Understand and implement the desired gameplay in the levels;
  • Work in collaboration with the level artist to ensure that the level is playable and that the graphic elements support each other;
  • Prototype the environment, establish the layouts and suggest ways to use interactive and non-interactive means to create emotion for the player;
  • Participate in the design of the game space;
  • Control the accessibility, understanding, and difficulty of the level;
  • Actively participate in design specific discussions and design reviews;
  • Share their knowledge and help less experienced level designers;
  • Work with a high level of autonomy and ability to assist their colleagues in delivering gameplay features of excellent quality;


  • Ability and desire to work in creative and collaborative teams
  • Ability to write clear, concise documentation in English
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in level design in a first person shooter setting
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in Unreal Engine

Position is on site in our offices in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Please send your application to jobs@falldamagestudio.com.

Anders Gyllenberg

Anders has been fortunate to be able to combine the passion for game design and leading teams during the last fourteen years. The experience of leading Battlefield teams, large and small, has been both fun and challenging. Anders also enjoys hanging out in international airports.

Dan Vaderlind

Dan has been driving projects and building teams for the last 10 years. Everyday attitude and communication is key. Dan is a firm believer that a game only gets as good as the team behind it. He tinkers with home automation in his spare time.

Elin Karlsson
Technical Artist

Elin supercharges art teams through technology. Relentless optimization is her forte. She has a soft spot for pugs.

Isabell Sarstedt
3D Animator

Isabell is a doggo crazed gamer with a wide range of experience with both motion capture and hand keying animation. Favorite game genres are mainly story-based horror and fantasy. She also enjoys making her enemies and teammates cry in competitive shooters from time to time.

Jacob Segerstedt
3D Artist

Jake of all trades, as he calls himself, works with everything from hard-surface modeling to vfx. In his spare time he mostly binge watches TV series. Also, without anybodys knowledge, he makes the best burger in town.

Jesper Molander
3D Artist

As a 3D artist he focuses on hard surface modeling. At the lunch buffet, he will out-eat anyone around him.

Johan Sällström
3D Artist

Johan likes to create 3D art with a heavy focus on hard surface modeling and drinking a lot of coffee while doing it. When he's not working he likes to watch e-sports and play competitive games with his friends.

Ludvig Grönborg
UI Programmer

Ludvig is a health coach turned software engineer. He specializes in all things interactive.

Markus Nyström
Creative Director

Markus has 25 years in the gaming industry and was one of the original four DICE founders. From the point where "Pinball Dreams" was cutting edge in -92 he has worked on a massive amount of games.

Mikael Kalms

Mikael enjoys building things, large and small. He has been making racing games, Battlefield titles, and run online services at EA DICE since the late 90s. Also: he makes a mean cheesecake.

Oscar Stampe
3D Artist

Oscar is a 3D artist focusing on hard surface modeling. In his spare time he enjoys playing competitive games with friends and watching american football.

Oskar Karlsson
VFX Artist

Oskar is a technical artist making particle effects and shaders. In his spare time he enjoys reading books, playing RPGs and keeping Johan alive in Dota 2.

Rami Sleiman
Game Programmer

Rami has worked on games across many genres and platforms, and loves coding gameplay. He is one of the very rare Swedish Rugby players.

Tobias Lundström
Generalist Programmer

Tobias likes fancy food, building guitar rigs, cats and dogs. One day he wants to build a render farm. He also wants to tell you that you it takes 0 programmers to change a light bulb; it's a hardware issue.

Viljam Fändriks
3D Artist

Viljam is into everything 3D art related that involves problem solving -- modeling, texturing, rigging, visual design, you name it. Specializes in TV series and beer as well.